What is Daystar?

Daystar Adopt-A-Village, Inc. (DAAVI), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, had its first medical and evangelical mission to Sierra Leone in June of 2002. DAAVI collaborated with Africa Christian Medical Mission, Inc. (ACMMI) and with a team of 13 participants in partnership with local volunteers, treated 2800 men, women and children over a period of 10 working days. On this project there were three major sites of operation (Wilberforce, Waterloo and Murray Town villages). On-site clinics were set up to provide free medical care at the polio camps in Grafton and Lumpar also. Vision screening and free eyeglasses were given to those that needed them. Our Surgeon in the team, Dr. Gbaanador, performed a total of 11 successful surgeries at local hospitals.

There is a desperate need for healthcare reform. During our visit we met with the Chairman of the Freetown City Council, Mr. H. N. Fergusson, on June 21, 2002 who emphasized the need for a school’s clinic. This was followed by a letter dated July 12, 2002 reiterating the desperate need of the 28,327 school children in Freetown out of the 500,000 school children nation wide.

DAAVI has adopted Waterloo Village to provide medical and other necessary services, such as a healthcare facility for all ages including an eye clinic, pharmacy, a grade school, a local library and an Orphanage.

In June 2003, DAAVI with a team of 21 volunteers including doctors, midwives and nurses once again rendered free medical services to the residents of Waterloo, Grafton, Lumpar and Lungi villages in Sierra Leone.