Commendation from United Nations Ambassador

It is a great opportunity to join Daystar as a Christian group on a wonderful trip to minister God’s word to the under privileged in need of Christ.

As a Youth Coordinator, it is a life changing experience and a blessing to receive Christ in my life.

I learnt that God who sent His Son for the sake of mankind is a loving and kind God. Working for Christ, one has to be humble, prayerful, open hearted, loving, kind and above all understand that Christ loves us.

As an ambassador aimed at promoting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in West Africa, I commend Daystar for their grueling effort in also promoting the great course of the United Nations, ensuring that cities are being rebuilt through community partnerships.

Daystar as a ministry promotes the 7th goal of the United Nations which is to combat HIV/AIDS and other sicknesses as well as enrich souls with loving messages.

I recommend that Daystar should have its own clinic not only to distribute medications but to enrich God’s people with His kind and loving messages.