Medical Report from Kenema

On Wednesday the 13th of June, 2012, The Daystar Adopt-a-Village team of eighteen individuals arrived in Kenema in order to provide their services and support to the community and members of Bethel Temple Ministries. Below are the benefits and support Daystar provided to the people of Kenema:

(1) Educated community members on their various diseases and ailments and remedies

(2) Created an influx of additional church members leading to the largest membership growth in our history

(3) Provided care and attention to all members of the community with no sign of discrimination

(4) Provided support for the orphans in our Church and community,

(5) Responsible for a fundamental change in the spiritual energy of the people of Kenema

The Kenema Church community wish to offer their sincere love and appreciation towards Daystar for the wonderful kindness shown to them. They promise to cherish the relationship forever.

An additional concern that the Kenema people wish to address, is the construction needs of their church and schools. While they try their best to maintain the structures with what means they can muster, their area is predominantly Muslim and so they seek further assistance in this area in forms such as tools and construction equipment. They believe that with more support they will be able to foster a community to promote the work of God in the area. The report declares the missionary work at Bo a success as many people from all over the region congregated in their area. Many of the current Christians have churches they already associated with but Bethel Temple was still able to gain a lot on new members. Despite the unfortunate cases of misleading or unusable follow-up addresses from Non-christians, there were many who returned which will help in furthering the word of God.

An additional point of concern has to do with the education of some of the young children. Though their family attend the church often, they are unable to keep up with the payment and so the Church wishes to appeal to Daystar for any possible help that may be provided.

Bethel Temple Ministries in Torkpombu, Kenema hope to see Daystar next year wish the blessings of Gods Grace for our Mission.